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Regional Conference – Energy Security Strategies in the Wider Black Sea Region

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Conference – Bucharest, octombrie 7, 2010
NATO Summit in Bucharest, but also in Strasburg and Kiel launch and debated ways in which NATO can be involved in Energy security, in protecting the pipelines and transport lines on land and under the sea, a priority which is also under debate in the New Strategic Concept. Romania is also very interested in the way those energy security issues are address in NATO framework but also in the strategies of the countries in the region. The new Security Strategy of Romania, under drafting at this hour, will also have an important part related to the Energy Security in Romania, but also linked with developments in the Wider Black Sea Region. GENERAL ASSESSMENT: Romania held one of the longest borders of NATO with the neighboring states, the biggest part of them being aspirants to membership. Since NATO’s main role in the area is projecting regional and global security, this fact is of first importance for Romanian’s perception of its security and the security of its neighboring countries.Since energy security is in the forefront of the interest in Romania, which is designing nowadays a new Security Strategy with an important part dedicated to energy security and since the energy security of Romania and NATO’s countries is related to the one of the countries in the Wider Black Sea Area, there is the source of interest of the Romanian public for that matter and its solutions at NATO and partner countries level. The new strategic concept of of most interest for Romania, as an Alliance member at its border, but also a contributor to its operations. The public debate should get together the civil society and NGO’s from the security sector, the policy makers from the MFA and MoD, the representative and experts from the Wider Black Sea Region countries in order to discuss the vulnerabilities that could be spread to neighbor countries, the capacities to react – specially common capacities in that area – and the cooperation needed in order to face those challenges linked to Energy security. The academia and thinkers able to provide new ideas and improve the provisions from the future Strategic Concept and provide recommendations for cooperation in this area are also involved in the debate. Participants, panelists and speakers – On the Romanian Side, invitations would be addressed considering: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, National College of Defence, the Parliament, representatives NGOs, and of the Marshall Foundation. From NATO HQ – International Staff, 2 persons (with possible message from the ASG or SG) will be invited. We will have here speakers and panelists presenting the reports on the Energy Security approach, perception, documents and achievements from the 9 countries from the Wider Black Sea Area – Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Georgia, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Russia. We are inviting also 6 international experts acting as moderators and commentators for each panel. A pull from the written media based in Romania, and from the main TV Channels will be invited to attend and cover the workshop, as well as to interview NATO and Romanian invitees.

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