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The East –West Caspian Sea – Black Sea Strategic Corridor is a book that tries to elaborate on a vision and a concept that is aimed at linking the land locked Central Asia with the border of EU and NATO, e.g. Romania, on the
West shore of the Black Sea. The project that emerged from this concept is covering 5 tracks, some already under development as a natural consequence of the previous cooperation: energy, transport, military transport, investment and trade.
The book tried to cover the full range of pros and cons for such a project. In four conceptual and theoretical chapters it showed the current situation of the global scene, in the region of Central Asia, in the Caucasus, the Caspian
Sea Area and, finally, is presenting the thinking and the vision of the East-West Corridor, including the benefits it brings to littoral countries and the countries involved in such an endeavor, but also, considering the challenges
to that project and possible blockages.
The book investigates, using people on the ground and outside views, the interests of the countries on that Corridor, namely Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, but also the interests of the big
powers in the region and the added value of this project for the respective policies – Turkey and Russia – as well as other littoral countries that could be involved, are interested and could gain dividends from this construction.
In nine chapters all those views are covered in a coherent puzzle that shows everybody how different actors of the region see the construction of such a Corridor, how this fits into their pre-existent policies and what would be the
added value for each one if the project is concluded…

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