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Energy Security in the Wider Black Sea Region, contributor to the European energy security” (Forecast 2035

Energy Security in the Wider Black Sea Region, contributor to the European energy security” (Forecast 2035
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“Energy Security in the Wider Black Sea Region, contributor to the European energy security” (Forecast 2035)

Bucharest, November 19 – 21, 2014

Palace of Parliament (N. Iorga Hall, N. Bălcescu Hall)

The Conference aims to generate a prospective vision regarding the role of the energy sector for Europe in the global energy mix in 2035, based on the fact that any energy project is completed in about 20 years.

If you respond positively to the invitation, you will address an audience of 150 participants, which will include senior officials, important representatives from business environment and experts with reputation from the Wider Black Sea Region countries.

The main topics debated are contemporary issues of concern of experts. Therefore a state of tension and convergence between the geopolitical (political) and the energy (economic) is taking shape. Interferences are well known, as are the tensions between solutions dictated by economic reasoning, business solutions, and those dictated by political conditioning and options. The impact of political conditioning on economically viable projects and, at the same time, the impact of economical constraints and feasibility on projects.

Common European energy policy and debates about the shape and ambitions of such a policy are of present concern and will have a major impact on the future. Then economic policies have been shown to have a strong regional component. The ratio of regional versus European presence in common energy policies, the risks and opportunities for the border and interface countries that engage other (non-European) areas is a main topic of interest for discussions in this area.

Another extremely important component is the ratio and the energy mix between the different components: electricity, hydrocarbons, new green energy. In each case there are different types of projects, with related conditions. Large projects can be financed and approved by banks when relevant profits are estimated, when they are sustainable from a political standpoint and predictable on the long-term, while other types of projects depend on the beliefs, perceptions and orientation of consumers and markets. Last but not least, major investment projects require a predictable market development, an appetence for development and consumption of the industries in the target countries, all of which will also take into account the geopolitical conditionings.

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Section 1 – Current challenges in electricity markets. Single market vs regional solutions

P1 / S1 (economic) – Risks and opportunities induced by the market coupling. Solutions for fructification of cheap production sources and coverage of regional deficits

P2 / S1 (political, security) – Global challenges, regional solutions

Section 2 – Black Sea between potential and certainty. Theses and antitheses on shaping a new pole of hydrocarbon resources

P1 / S2 – (economic) – Necessary conditions for the investments in large energetic – financial projects

P2 / S2 (political, security) – Black Sea – confluence area of markets and industrial capacity from Europe and Asia. Political and security issues

Section 3 Common policies, separate costs – energy challenges vs geopolitical stakes

P1 / S3 (economic) – Energy Future. It requires a change of the basic pillars of the energy mix?

Panel 2 (politics, security) – The role of the region in providing natural gas supply options to major European consumers. Competing or Complementary: LNG, the reconfigured Nabucco, South Stream, interconnectors and capillaries.

The final section (plenary) – Common policies, separate costs. Energy related challenges versus geopolitical stakes.

The security of energy resources for European countries: armed conflicts, frozen conflicts, divergent policies between the EU and the states in the WBSR.

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